200+ Attend Legislative Breakfast

Undeterred by a foggy Monday morning, over 200 people attended the 6th Biennial Legislative Breakfast on December 3, 2012 at the Chevy Chase Country Club in Wheeling.  They welcomed legislators, legislator-elects,  and their representatives from 13 districts.  The Breakfast was sponsored by the North/Northwest Cook County and Lake County Work Group.  The legislators attending are listed below.


Senator Daniel Biss – District 9
Rep. Scott Drury
– District 58
Dan Krucek, Aide to Senator Dan Duffy – District 26
Rep. Laura Fine – District 17
Rep. David Harris – District 53
Jamie Morrison, Aide to Senator Dan Kowtowski – District 28 and Intern Andrew Gomberg
Lindy Mika, Aide to Senator Terry Link – District 30
Timothy Graham, Aide to Rep. Rita Mayfield – District 60
Senator Julie Morrison – District 58
Alicia Krippinger, Aide to Senator Matt Murphy – District 27
Brian Koppe, Aide to Rep.Carol Sente – District 59
Rep Tom Morrison – District 54 and Aide Joy Wolfe
Rep. Sam Yingling – District 62

Each legislator received an informational notebook and was invited to participate in the North/Northwest Cook County and Lake County Work Group.  The work group  is comprised of parents, consumers, providers, legislators, government agencies and schools addressing the needs of  individuals with developmental disabilities.  The meet monthly to share information addressing common concerns.

Joanell Voight, President/CEO of Community Alternatives Unlimited welcomed the attendees with the theme “Help Move Us Forward:  Make Us a Priority”.  Sandra Loebe Stoken congratulated the legislators and newly elected legislators as she highlighted the opportunities they have to bring our community of people with disabilities into a brighter and more sustaining future.     Ed McManus, Consultant, Developmental Disability Consultants, described legislative  issues that concern the Work Group, and Helen Kauffman described how legislators can best work with those in the developmentally delayed constituency.

Attendees were greeted by Special Olympians from the Libertyville Stars Swim Team and Horsefeathers Therapeutic Riding.  Other consumers from NSSED, SEDOL ,Glenkirk and other organizations welcomed attendees to the event.  Also in attendance were many primary consumers who live, work, and vote in their local communities.

For more information about the Work Group contact Elizabeth Ramos, Community Alternatives United (CAU), 773-867-4159, eramossosa@cau.org.


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  1. Ellen Garber Bronfeld December 12, 2012 at 5:14 am #

    Nice job on the piece about the legislative breakfast and the workgroup.

    • Kerryn August 11, 2014 at 11:39 pm #

      It’s much easier to unsdretand when you put it that way!

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