IEP Boot Camp at LCCIL: High School

No two IEPs are the same, not even for the same child.  And IEPs for high school and transition students are different from elementary aged IEPs.  At a certain age, independence, transportation and employment take on more importance than the 3Rs.  As parents and students we are often baffled about the issues and options.  And where does the IEP fit into that?

The Lake County Center for Independent Living is offering a “IEP Summer BootCamp for Parents” in June that is focused on the high school and transition needs of students and families.  Parents will meet on June 4, 11, and 18 to share experiences and learn about IEPs in the teenage years.  Other particulars are still being worked out.  It would be a good time to express your interest in the workshops.

For more information on the IEP Bootcamp contact Shanta Frierson, 847-949-4440,

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