SEDOL Honors Graduates

Student BlurredIt was an evening of laughter and tears as over 40 young people were recognized at the Annual SEDOL Community Life Skills Program Recognition Night.   Each student had the opportunity to address the packed audience.   A slide with their photograph and “farewell address” was projected on the stage  as they spoke.   Each of them was moving on to a new phase of life.  Many had “aged out” of the program during the preceding year.   It was a joyous and moving program.

Audience BlurredFor the first time this year, three students received the Dennis Lackie Employment Readiness Award.  This award was named after former job coach Dennis Lackie and is funded by his Memorial Fund.  He was known among students and colleagues for being “all business” as he helped students achieve their goals.  The awardees were selected by transition staff based on several criteria:  appropriate social skills, readiness to work, the ability to  independently manage transportation and successful completion of vocational training.  It is expected that this award will continue  in the coming years.

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