Over the last weeks and months, I’ve talked to several of you about developing to serve the communication needs of Lake, McHenry and Kenosha Counties.  You may be aware that the news feed is now active and developing a little every day.   At this time, I’d like to ask you to support development of in four ways (and none of them cost anything!)

  1. Subscribe to the Email Feed — Invite Your Friends.
    This allows me to count the number of people I am reaching.  That helps me monitor growth and “reach”.  At some point I will need to know these numbers in order to attract the paid advertising that will allow to continue long-term.You will receive 1 email daily containing the story of the day, Monday thru Friday.In order to subscribe, go to the area behind the image of the submarine on the front page.  There is a place to enter your email address.  I believe you will be sent an email to verify your subscription.   This is to prevent “spam”.If you signed up at the CLC Options Fair or the Woodstock Autism Fair, I would appreciate it if you signed up as above.  For the same reasons.
  2. Comment on Stories
    Please feel free to comment on stories, perhaps providing more information or asking a question. Your feedback will help us all learn more, and help TheNemoNews improve.  If is currently set up as a blog to allow for this kind of interaction.
  3. Send Your Press Releases and News
    I’m always looking for high-quality news and announcements.  Please send news about your fairs, outings, speakers, etc.  Agencies and clubs are asked to add to your outreach list.  We want to publish high-quality news that is timely, objective and engaging.
  4. Submit an Article (picture, poem)  for Publication
    We intend to add two sections to in the coming months.  The first is an “Opinion” section.  This is where your article might go. The articles will be under 1000 words, and guided by the publication guidelines.You might consider submitting something like:   “Five Things Parents Should Know about IEPs”, “Does Your Child Need a Therapist?”, “Why I Like My Support Group (and Vice Versa)”.(For the record, the second section will be a “Spotlight” section where we write brief profiles of organizations and agencies in our area.)

Thank you so much for your attention and for supporting
Mary Curran Rhodes, Publisher



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  1. susan wright May 1, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Please sign me up to receive ongoing posts. Thanks! Nice meeting you at Spectrum Supports! Is the Nemo reference due to “just keep swimming?”

    • admin May 1, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

      I’ll try to sign you up…but it is better if you sign yourself up…it is a method that prevents “spam”. And BTW, I often have to remind myself to “just keep swimming”!

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