Vision and Mission

Vision:  TheNemoNews envisions development a local community of well-informed professionals, families and individuals affected by disability in a specific geographic area.   This news feed will be an effective means for providers serving the disability community to reach their target audience and vice versa.  Advertising and sponsorships will support the news feed.

Mission: will help readers remain informed and build community in the Lake County, Illinois area by providing high-quality local news and dialogue to individuals and families affected by disabilities.  It will be published M-F.


  • Information should be easy to get.
    • Many people don’t know what they don’t know about the system.
    • Many people don’t have time to learn about the system.
  • Communication between providers and consumers (individuals, families, etc.) can help each advance, even if there is disagreement.
  • There are different needs and different solutions for each individual.
  • Sometimes a group effort is needed.

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