Why Call it the “Nemo” News?

It was difficult to come up with a name for this magazine.  So many words describing those with disabilities are just a little tired, tawdry or overused — Disabled, Abled, Special, Handicapped, Abilities — we decided to find a name that meant nothing, something like Google.  And Nemo came to mind.  It had a rich history that seemed to apply.  What do you think?

Disney’s Nemo
Nemo speaks to many of us as the young Disney hero with a disability.  Nemo was born with one little fin.  Our youngest readers, might realize nothing held him back.   His pluck and courage inspire us all.


Captain Nemo
Little Nemo was named after Captain Nemo, from the book (and movie) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Jules Verne gave us a more complicated Nemo, who commanded his submarine (the Nautilus) as he sought to fulfill his life’s quest.  We feel like that Nemo sometimes, swimming in a sea of agencies, red tape, isolation, and uncertainty.  We put the submarine in our logo hoping this news vehicle would help us all navigate somewhat better.  (And it was a MS/Office clip art image, thus avoiding copyright issues!)

Odysseus & the Cyclops
Finally, centuries ago, in the Iliad, Odysseus encountered the Cyclops on his journey, a fearsome, unknown creature.  Cyclops asked him who he was and Odysseus responded “Nemesis”, tricking him and surviving.  This is sometimes translated as “no-one” (Latin)  or “I give what is due” (Greek).  Nemesis is the root word for Nemo.  No one who is really someone.

We think Nemo is a grand name for those of us affected by disabilities as we search for understanding, opportunity and a path to our best futures.


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