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Handicap This! Performers, Educators, Entrepreneurs

HTP-HOMEbar-POSTERHandicap This! may have started as a fun and educational enterprise for Mike Berkson and Tim Wambach, but it has grown into a thriving business.  The core business is a constantly-evolving show called “Handicap This!”.  It is a  funny, poignant and bawdy telling of the story of their friendship –  Mike has Cerebral Palsy and Tim was first hired as his assistant over a decade ago.  Their relationship grew and now they create a “Judgment  Not Allowed” zone during every show that educates and opens minds with facts, tales and heart.  They tell a story of human potential, using themselves as examples.

And apparently the business potential for Handicap This! is very great.  With three employees now, revenues tripled in 2013 and the company keeps growing.  They have performed for over 30,000 people in 10 states since debuting the show in 2010.  They are increasingly called upon as motivational speakers in a variety of settings.   Big users of social media, their facebook page has over 14,000 followers and offers unfailingly positive posts about life.  Handicap This! also has produced a series of 13 web episodes with more on the way.  You can watch the trailer here:

Like many businesses, they want to give back to their community.  Not surprisingly, they have created a foundation called Keep On Keeping On that has assisted 80 clients with the “high cost of living with physical disability” since 2007.

You can catch Handicap This! at the HOME Bar in Arlington Heights on September 5.  Admission is $15 online, $20 at the door.  Contact Tim to book an event.

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Meet Marc Stein — Artist, Entrepreneur: Spotlight

selfportrait_002Did you notice that TheNemoNews has a new logo?  It is the work of artist Marc E. Stein a Chicagoland artist and entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in drawing animation and merchandise creation.   He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film with a concentration in 2-D animation,  from Columbia College.  He recently completed the UIC class in writing a business

Marc has developed characters that he would like to expand into a broader product line.  He is contemplating the potential of developing an animated series based on one or the other.  Mango, the fearless and  inquisitive cat  is the primary candidate.

Marc’s recently had a booth at the Entrepreneurial Jumpstart Fair at the Illinois Center for Rehabilitation and Education (ICRE) where he displayed a variety of products from books to t-shirts to jewelry boxes.

Marc markets his work at   He can be reached at

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