Did You Get A Ligas Award Letter? IAMC Teleconference

Reta Hoskin, Assistant Director for the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DHS) will join the Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives for a conference call today.  ( Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012)  The call will take place  from 11:00am till noon.  The call is targeted at those individuals who may have recently received an award letter resulting from the Ligas Consent Decree.  These families face important decisions, and the call is meant to help them understand their options and the processes involved.    The call is open to anyone with an interest in this process. 

The call-in number is 888-494-4032;   Code: 1879310092.

IAMC organizers have requested that attendees submit questions in advance if possible so that Ms. Hoskin can be prepared, and time be effectively used.

For more information contact Vicki Niswander, Executive Director, IAMC, 217-586-4552.  vniswander@gmail.com


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